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Would you like to share your story with other moms? Your experience as a mother can become a wonderful source of help and information to others, especially the Clueless Moms!

Having only my own thoughts about Newborn Baby Care on this website would be so boring! So this is where you get an opportunity to have your say, open your heart, give advice or whatever else you would like to add.

And don't underestimate yourself. What may seem to be obvious to you may just make a world's difference to someone else, so don't be shy :)

Just a little side note (which is probably not necessary because I know you are a kind and sensible person):

Please remember that new mothers are an exceptionally sensitive species so pleaaaase be kind to others when commenting. Honesty is very important and will be valued, but as the main representative of the Clueless Moms I can't allow hurtful or mean comments to slip through.

With that out of the way, lets start sharing and learning from each other. To add your contribution or read others' thoughts, simply click on one of the below links. I will add several more invitations to share about specific themes as time goes by, so please come back to visit often!

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