The Prettiest Little Girl in the World!

by Sunette
(South Africa)

You know how they always say every mother thinks her child is the prettiest, the best, the most clever or the whatever-est? I experienced it first-hand and I am sooo guilty of that!

With us both being very normal-and-average-looking people, I was quite curious to see what my newborn baby girl would look like. Well, when I finally looked at her for the first time I had to pinch myself because I couldn't believe how pretty she was! Was this perfect little angel-faced doll really MY baby? Where did all the cuteness come from?

And then I started to slowly realize, that is why us moms act the way we do and talk about our kids until it drives other people crazy: because we really believe our baby IS the best! It's a mom's special way of looking at her baby, seeing all the perfection and potential.

How wonderful that we were created with such a strong love for our children that we look at them with so much love and adoration that they really are nothing less than amazing to us, no matter what others may think!

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