The Complete Newborn Checklist:
Everything Your Baby Will Need

The Complete Newborn Checklist includes everything that a normal baby will need, unless you have some special or very fancy needs. Use this list of newborn needs to distinguish between essential items, almost-essentials and the nice-to-have things.


The essential list:

- Breast Pads

- Nipple cream

- Feeding bra's (no underwire)

- Burp cloths

If you can, also get:

- Access to a breast pump (just in case)

- Formula milk and a bottle (just in case)

- A feeding shawl or similar

- A watch/clock with alarm

- A note pad and pen

Not essential, but still money well spent:

- Breastfeeding pillow

- Ring cushion (for post-normal-birth discomfort)

- Clothing designed for discreet breastfeeding

- Your own breast pump (especially for working moms)


The essential list:

- Formula/Breast milk

- 3 or more newborn bottles

- A bottle brush

- Sterilization equipment

- A Burping cloth

- Some baby bibs

If you can, also get:

- Extra bottles

- Formula powder containers

- A steam sterilization unit (microwave or seperate unit)

Not essential, but still money well spent:

- Bottles with anti-colic system

- Drying rack for bottles, dummies and teats


The essential list:

- A comfortable and safe bed/cot

- A receiving blanket

- Comfortable clothing

- An extra warm blanket

- Mosquito net (if insects are a concern)

If you can, also get:

- A wedged sponge pillow

- A travel/camping cot (if baby normally sleeps in a wooden cot)

- A safety (anti-suffocation) mattress

- A dark, silent sleeping environment

- Soft, calming music

Not essential, but still money well spent:

- A good quality breathing/sound monitor like Angel Care

- Side-wedge pillows

- A very dim night light


The essential list:

- A comfortable, safe surface for changing nappies

- Disposable or cloth nappies

- Accessories for cloth nappies as applicable

- Wet wipes and/or wet wash cloth

- Petroleum jelly for removing meconium (first few days)

- Bum barrier cream

- Nappy rash cream

- Facility for disposing of wet/soiled nappy

If you can, also get:

- Linen savers or changing mat for hygienic purposes

- Nappy disposal bags

Not essential, but still money well spent:

- Air-tight nappy disposal system

- A dedicated baby changing station/basinette


The essential list:

- Some means to maintain a comfortable temperature

- Comfortable clothing and nappies (no scrathing etc)

- 3 or more receiving blankets for swaddling baby

If you can, also get:

- A carry cot or similar to help baby feel safe, warm and cosy

- A baby carrier for mom to carry baby close to her body

- Several soft, warm blankets

Not essential, but still money well spent:

- A comfortable pram/travelling system


The essential list:

- A baby bath or some other suitable bath for your baby

- Hair and/or body wash suitable for a newborn

- Cotton wool balls

- A soft clean towel (preferable hooded)

- Aqueous cream

- A baby hair brush

- Baby nail clippers

- Special baby ear buds

- Surgical spirits for umbilical cord care

If you can, also get:

- A bath thermometer

- A bath seat for small babies


The essential list:

- Infant colic relief drops and/or gripe water

- Thermometer

- Panado infant drops

- Saline nose drops

- An infant medicine dispenser/syringe

If you can, also get:

- A quality probiotic for infants

- Resque Remedy

- Tissue salts for various ailments

Not essential, but still money well spent:

- A room humidifier


The essential list:

- Suitable vitamin and mineral supplements

- Wound care necessities in case of tearing/cutting or c-section

If you can, also get:

- Schlehen Blackthorn Berry Elixir

- Rehydration Aid

- Resque Remedy

- Arnica oil for massaging engorged breasts

Not essential, but still money well spent:

- A ring cushion for sitting after a normal birth

Before you start shopping, first go to the printable version of the Newborn Checklist at Step 2: Planning and Preparing for Baby and print out what you need. Now use your newborn checklist as a shopping list to make sure that you spend your money in a prioritized way, first getting the basics and then spoiling yourself with the more luxurious items if your budget allows you to. Otherwise, you can always save a little and get those nice-to-have's on the Newborn Checklist later when you know you've covered the most important items on the list newborn baby needs.

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