Step 1: Newborn Baby Information

This step will take you through all the most important newborn baby information that you need to remember. Be sure to read through all the newborn care basics as indicated, but don't be concerned about memorizing anything as you will find printable summaries of everything when you get to Step 2.

Let's look at the Newborn Baby Care Pyramid again:

Newborn Baby Action Plan Diagram

By clicking on the below link for each of the baby care elements shown in the diagram, you will be taken to an information page on that specific aspect of baby care. For now only read the pages marked with the Action Plan Icon, which looks like this:



Nappy Care



Baby's Health

Mom's Health

Love & Protect

When you've read through all the above, you also need to check out the followig Hot Topics:

Crying Baby Help


If you have lots of extra time (that will be the first-time moms still waiting for the big day ;)) you are welcome to read the additional info also, but I strongly suggest that you first work through all the Action Plan Steps and do all your preparation before doing that.

Have you finished all your reading for Step 1? Let's go to the next step...

Step 2: Planning and Preparing for Baby

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