The Newborn Baby Checklist:
What do you really need?

Having a comprehensive newborn baby checklist will ensure you have everything you need and will make you feel more calm and confident knowing that you are prepared for this new challenge in your life.

The Basics:

- Hospital Bag Checklist

- The Complete Newborn Checklist

- Diaper Bag Checklist

- Newborn Baby Shopping List (Consumables)

- Newborn Baby Preparations Checklist

Clueless Mom's Tips:

- Be careful when you spend money, and be especially aware of expensive items that are marketed as "must-haves"

- Don't go aimlessly shopping at your baby store and have a look to see what looks like something you need (this is a sure way to blow money on appealing but unnecessary stuff)

- Even if you are not a borrowing-type-person, really consider taking up your friends' offers of lending you certain baby items, and don't forget to return the favour later

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