Taking Care of the Basics:
The Newborn Baby Care Action Plan

Are you ready to take a look at the big picture of newborn baby care? Then let's not waste any more time. Here we go!

The diagram shown below will be your constant point of reference throughout this Action Plan, so have a good look at it...

Action Plan Triangle

The Newborn Baby Care Pyramid

As you can see, the basic elements of infant care are all represented in the diagram. You cannot leave out or neglect any of these at any cost.

For the brand new moms-to-be:

Even though most of the care elements may seem obvious and even silly right now, you are likely to get to a point where you have no idea where to start and no energy to make proper decisions. And this is where the Action Plan comes in. It's all about helping you make reasonable decisions when:

a) your brain is too tired to function because of lack of sleep
b) your personality consists of nothing but a bunch of run-away emotions due to several weird hormonal things that happen to you post-birth
c) your baby is screaming at you to fix whatever is wrong right now and you have no idea what the problem is...

(I am not trying to scare you. There are lots of wonderful things about having a baby. I'm just trying to convince you that things can really become tough and you may not always be in the best state to deal with problems effectively.)

Now back to the Action Plan:

You need to click on and follow each of the following 3 Steps.

Step 1: Read through the concise information that you will be directed to

Step 2: Plan and prepare according to your needs

Step 3: Implement Your Baby Care Plan, Refine and Customize where needed

More about the 3 Steps:

The whole idea is to make the crucial information available and accessable without having to read through tons of less important stuff. That is why all you need to know can be found by simply following the above 3 Steps.

Once you have things under control, or if you still have time to spare before your new baby arrives, you can explore the rest of the website for more interesting and fun (but less crucial) information.

So for now, your focus should be on the Action Plan contained within the 3 Steps:

Read, Plan and Implement.

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