The Importance of a Mother's
Health: Baby Needs You

A Mother's Health is a very important consideration in the big picture of newborn baby care. The long journey of pregnancy, giving birth and becoming a mother is very demanding and takes a lot out of a woman. It is important that you remember to monitor your own health for your baby's sake.

The Basics:

- Your newborn baby relies on you primarily, even if you have other help. You are irreplaceble.

- If you plan to breastfeed you can only take medication that was allowed during pregnancy (except if you have doctor's orders to do otherwise)

- The first weeks of motherhood takes a lot out of you, but it makes a huge difference if you have a plan of action to support your own health

- Having baby blues is quite normal but postpartum depression is serious and should not be ignored

- The quality of your breastmilk also depends on your diet, so make sure you have enough nutritious meals and stay hydrated

Clueless Mom's Tips:

- It's no fun if you end up sick in hospital while trying to care for your newborn baby, so be sure to take your own health seriously

- You can't predict what your health will be like after giving birth, so be prepared in case you are in more pain than you expected. If you feel OK, that's a bonus!

- Breast health is very important for you to breastfeed successfully and this has a direct influence on your baby's health

- You may not feel hungry or have time to eat but you need to make sure you get regular proper meals and plenty of fluids

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