Protect and Love Baby with
All Your Heart

Protect and Love Baby is on a completely different level than the other Care Elements, and completely non-negotiable. To indicate it's importance this element appears as a vertical line at the centre of everything else.

The Basics:

- Lack of love, stimulation and nurture can have a detrimental effect on a newborn baby's brain development

- A newborn baby will probably not thrive unless given the necessary affection

- You can have a positive effect on the health of a sick/weak infant with the touch and nurture you provide

- One of the symptoms of postpartum depression is an inability on the mother's side to nurture and love her baby, emphasising again the danger of this condition and the importance to find help ASAP

- It is your responsibility as parent to protect your baby from harm, whether emotional or physical

- No matter how difficult your circumstances, providing your baby with the love and protection she needs is the single most valuable investment you can make for your child

Clueless Mom's Tips:

- Make sure you have fairly realistic expectations of what you may feel like during the first days after giving birth.

- If you do experience negative thoughts, especially if the thoughts are centred around your baby, share this with someone knowlegable that you trust and ask for them to monitor you for possible postpartum depression

- Keep in mind that the baby's father and your close family may think you are evil and/or nuts if you don't feel love for this adorable new creature

- Sometimes it's hard to feel love when you are exhausted and the demands just keep coming

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