Free Printables:
Checklists and Schedules

Download and use the free printables to plan for and organize your life with a newborn baby. You will find several checklists as well as useful sample schedules and schedule templates to help you as you go along.

Printable Checklists

The checklists are given in three columns: Essentials, Recommended and Nice-to-Haves. The idea is that you use this as a guideline but feel free to customise the lists according to your own needs and circumstances.
Complete Newborn Checklist
Hospital Bag Checklist
Diaper Bag Checklist
Newborn Baby Consumables Shopping List
Newborn Preparations Checklist

Printable Schedules

Feeding Schedule Example
Feeding Schedule Template
Sleep Schedule Example
Sleep Schedule Template
Daily Schedule Example
Daily Schedule Template

The schedules come in very handy if you want to keep track of your baby's natural routine, to identify trends or problems or to keep track of baby's routine while someone else is looking after him. Or maybe you want to attempt to change your baby's routine a bit. For instance, if you have to go back to work soon your baby will probably have to fit in with your timing, and it may be worth trying to start harmonizing your timetables a few weeks ahead of the time.

Always keep in mind some babies thrive on routine, while others just have a mind of their own, just like grown-ups. Whatever you do, try to work in harmony with your baby without making unfair demands which will only lead to frustration for the both of you. If you take time to understand your baby's natural tendencies you will be able to find a compromise that the both of you can get comfortable with.

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Newborn Baby Action Plan

How to follow the Action Plan:

STEP 1: Information
STEP 2: Preparations

STEP 3: Baby Care in Action

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