Don't forget the dads

I think you should add something for the dads also

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Jan 20, 2011
Of course the dads deserve some attention!
by: Sunette

Thanks for the idea and breaking the ice!

Since my own baby has a very involved and helpful Dad and it has been making my life so much easier, I agree that the dads definitely deserve a little special attention here!

I will soon put up an entire section for dads of newborn babies to help them be prepared for what's coming, understand (and cope with) the possible emotional rollercoaster their wives may or may not be on after the birth, maybe a few quick recipes or ideas for easy meals to help Mom out and that sort of thing.

I already had a little "interview" with my husband to see what he thinks is important, and plan on asking a few friends also.

So if anyone else has any comments or suggestions in that line, please let me know!

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