Understanding Diaper Rash: Prevention and Treatment

Diaper Rash is a very uncomfortable and painful experience for both a newborn baby and mother, especially if you don't know exactly what to do about it. Here we will look at the likely causes and some basic ways to prevent and treat this condition.

The Basics:

- Prevention of nappy rash can save you a lot of trouble and your baby a lot of discomfort. Do this by making very sure you change the diaper immediately after your baby made a dirty nappy. Most cases of diaper rash happen because of a soiled diaper that is not changed soon enough.

- A good diaper can handle some wetness, but as soon as the moisture is not being pulled away from baby's skin it may start causing irritation. Make sure you change a wet nappy before this becomes a problem.

- If your baby does end up with a sore, irritated bum, think about it this way: identify and remove the cause, treat the discomfort and most importantly, take the necessary steps to help the skin heal.

- An ill fitting, uncomfortable nappy may sometimes set off diaper rash. Make sure your baby's nappy is not the source of the problem.

- Rather do a diaper change too often than too far apart, especially if there is already some irritation showing up.

- To treat discomfort, apply something that will both soothe the soreness and protect the skin by forming a protective layer.

- To make sure healing starts to take place, use a treatment ointment or cream that contains soothing and healing ingredients, something to treat and prevent bacterial inflammation as well as an anti-fungal agent. You may need to apply more than one product to make sure you've covered all the bases.

Clueless Mom's Tips:

- Be especially careful if your baby is taking in something which may cause a runny tummy, like certain types of antibiotics. Counter the effect by giving your baby a good quality probiotic.

- Make sure you are not causing or worsening the rash by applying something that irritates the skin, like your brand of baby wipes, baby wash or a fragranced bum barrier cream. Babies' skin can vary widely with regards to sensitivity so you need to make sure this is not causing a problem. A wet cotton cloth is always the safest option.

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