The Diaper Bag Checklist:
Have fun Out and About!

Are you ready for your first (successful) trip with your newborn baby? The Diaper Bag Checklist will help you prepare a killer diaper bag with everything you need to be comfortable and happy.

Nappy changing outside of your normal environment can sometimes be quite challenging, both practically and also with regards to your baby's experience of the outside world. If you are organized and have everything at hand, the diaper change can happen quickly and the two of you can get on with more fun things.

The diaper bag checklist is explained fully on this page, but a printable shopping-friendly version is available at Step 2: Preparing for Baby.

The Diaper Bag Checklist:


- Burp cloths (rather two small ones - face cloth sized - than one big one)

- Bibs (especially if you bottle feed)

- Breast feeding: extra breast pads and nipple cream

- Bottle feeding: sterilized bottles, formula powder (plus some extra), sterilized water, warm water (use a clean coffee flask) and extra sterilization tablets (just in case)


- Diapers (more than enough)

- Cloth diaper accesories (if applicable)

- Bum barrier cream and nappy rash cream

- Wet wipes (if your baby's skin allows it, I seriously recommend using wipes instead of a wet cloth when on the move)

- Changing mat or linen savers (not all changing areas are clean and comfortable)

- Nappy disposal bags (even if you don't use these at home rather be prepared when out and about)

- Hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes (for before, after and general hygiene)

Baby's Health

- Immunization chart and other important medical information

- Colic drops

- Saline nose drops (not extremely important but can be quite convenient)

- Rescue remedy (to calm down upset/overstimulated baby AND mom)

- Baby hat and sunscreen (just in case, but really try to keep your newborn far away from direct sunlight)

- Insect repellant (non-toxic and suitable for a baby's sensitive skin)

- Teething gel (if your baby has started showing signs of discomfort, drooling etc)

- Antiseptic ointment (check with your pharmacist for a suitable type)

- Infant paracetamol (in case of a suddent bout of fever)

- Rehydration aid (keep a sachet handy - vomiting and/or diarrhoea can cause life threatening dehydration within hours)


- Extra blanket, according to the season

- Extra change of clothes (accidents happen!)

- Facial tissues (as in Kleenex)

- Note pad and pen (always handy)

A cool tip is to print your diaper bag checklist and laminate it (A5 or A6 size) then keep in the nappy bag and do a quick check before you leave home.

Happy travelling and nappy changing!

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