Bottle Feeding your Baby:
What you Need to Know

Some woman choose bottle feeding their newborn babies from Day 1, others have no choice due to their circumstances. Whatever your reason, planning is quite important when it comes to bottle feeding. Here you will find information and tips on how to go about it.

The Basics:

- Your most important choice will be to decide which baby formula is suitable for your baby. Ask your doctor/nurse (someone with lots of relevant experience) to make a recommendation.

- There are lots of brands of baby bottles to choose from. Get a few recommendations, start with one that you prefer (buy only 1 or 2) and see how it goes. Even newborn babies have different preferences and you will quickly see if a certain type of bottle works for your baby.

- You also need to choose a method of sterilizing bottles and teats (this also applies to pacifiers). Some of the more popular methods include using a separate steam unit, a microwave unit or sterilization solution.

- Try to always bottle feed your baby in a more upright position, with an angle around 45 degrees. Drinking from a bottle while lying down flat may increase wind and even cause conditions like colic and sometimes ear infection.

- It is important to always make up formula hygienically, fresh, at a suitable temperature (preferably body temperature) and mixed at the correct powder-to-water ratio.

Clueless Mom's Tips:

- If you choose to make up formula milk ahead of the time, it is recommended that you store it in the refrigerator for no longer than 1 hour to ensure freshness. This also applies to pumped breast milk. It is safest to keep the water and powder separate until just before feeding to make sure you feed your baby fresh milk.

- Create your own baby bottle "production line":

Always have the following ready: hot (boiled) water in a thermos flask, cooled boiled water already in clean sterilized baby bottles and baby formula powder measured off in a powder holder.

When it's time for a feed, add a little hot water to a bottle with cold water to adjust the temperature, add the formula powder and shake well.

A nice, warm fresh bottle feed is ready in seconds!

You can work ahead and have 2 or 3 feeds ready and just waiting to be mixed. This works especially well for a day out or when travelling.

Put everything on a tray before bed time and leave in baby's room for the night. You won't need to run up and down between the room and the kitchen to have nice warm bottles ready for baby at night. Include enough supplies for the entire night, plus one extra, plus one for the morning feed. Although some of the brands are really expensive, it really pays to have enough bottles!

VERY IMPORTANT: Be very careful with the hot water around your baby, as a knocked over flask can cause severe burns.

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