Becoming a Mom for the
First Time

Becoming a mom for the first time can be an absolutely wonderful experience. However, things normally don't go exactly as planned and everyone has a unique story to tell about their baby's arrival and first few days in the outside world.

Not only do we tend to find ourselves in brand new situations practically speaking, but we also have to deal with a whole new range of emotions and thoughts once we have that little bundle. This normally makes for interesting reading, so whether your story is hilarious, endearing or thick with emotion please share it!

Have A Great Story About Becoming a Mom for the First Time?

Do you have a great story about becoming a mother? Whether you were Supermom or Clueless Mom, I would love to hear about your experience! Don't forget to add a picture if you want to show off your little one :)

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The Prettiest Little Girl in the World! 
You know how they always say every mother thinks her child is the prettiest, the best, the most clever or the whatever-est? I experienced it first-hand …

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