Newborn Baby Sleep:
How to get a Peaceful Sleeping Baby

Does your baby sleep well? If you can manage to get this one sorted out, you're already halfway there. Unfortunately newborn sleep problems are often a source of great frustration for moms. Here are some sleep help tips to make it easier to get those little eyes to stay shut for a while.

The Basics:

- Your baby needs a lot of sleep to be healthy and happy. How much?

- You can help your newborn sleep better by creating a suitable sleeping environment

- Try to stick to a sleeping schedule that works in conjunction with your baby's feeding schedule

- Make life easier by establishing and following a preparing-for-sleep routine for your baby (my best tip ever!)

- Ensure your baby is safe in his sleeping environment

Clueless Mom's Tips:

- I promise you it doesn't work to keep your baby awake during day time and hope he will be so tired he will sleep better during the night

- If you live in an area with mosquito's, it is absolutely worth getting an insect net for your baby's cot

- Choose your baby's sleeping arrangement so it makes life easier, not more difficult. Every family is different, do what works for you.

- Make sure you have suitable and comfortable sleepwear for your baby

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