The Newborn Baby Shopping List:
Stock up on Consumables

Remember to regularly check the Newborn Baby Shopping List to ensure that you have plenty stock of the necessary consumable items to keep your newborn baby happy. The baby shopping list cosists of 2 sections: regular items that tend to run out weekly or monthly and periodic items that only need to be replaced every now and then.

This version of the list is more explanatory, while you will find a user friendly printable shopping list at Step 2: Preparing for Baby.

The Regular Newborn Baby Shopping List:

- Diapers and all diapering accessories: get enough of these, but keep your growing baby's size in mind so don't buy too far ahead.

- Wet Wipes: Go ahead and buy lots, these are extremely useful wherever a baby is involved.

- Bum Barrier Cream: You will also be using this for a while still, so don't be afraid to buy one or two extra (just make sure you are completely happy with the brand you use before you go all out and buy too many).

- Nappy Disposal Bags: Always handy, especially with soiled nappies. If you find a brand that you like, stock up. (Some are very user-unfriendly and it's almost impossible to remove one bag without the other 99 also jumping out, so try out before you buy lots).

- Baby Formula: Can be stored for quite a while (always check the expiry date) but again, make sure you are satisfied with the type of formula before you stock up. Just remember you are never, ever allowed to run out of formula so rather have too much that too little.

- Sterilization Supplies: If you use sterilization tablets or fluid remember to keep enough stock. In case of emergency you can also use boiling water to sterilize, but without the necessary equipment this may be a cumbersome excercise.

- Cotton Balls: Especially the first few months of your baby's life these are very handy for cleaning sensitive areas like eyes.

- Breast Pads: Depending on how long you plan to breastfeed and/or keep you milk supply going, make sure you always have enough plus some emergency supplies. If you use the washable type this is however not necessary, although it may be a good idea to keep a few disposable ones in case of emergency.

- Maternity Pads: You may need these for a few weeks, so rather be safe than sorry and stock up and make sure you know where to get more in time.

The Periodic Newborn Baby Shopping List:

- Linen Savers: After getting home these may still come in handy to prevent nappy changing spills etc, so decide if you need more or will just finish your hospital supply. Or save them for the birth of your next child maybe :)

- Nipple Cream: Try out a few, once you are satisfied buy one extra in case you lose yours.

- Diaper Rash Cream: This is not the everyday bum barrier cream, but rather a more expensive medicated cream for treating nappy rash. Always keep some close by because you never know when your baby may develop a rash. You don't need to buy extra, although it is wise to keep an extra small tube in your diaper bag.

- Baby Wash/Shampoo: Its good to make sure you always have 1 extra.

- Aqueous Cream: Don't buy too far ahead, but 1 extra is OK.

- Baby Ear Buds: Not an emergency, just remember to replace when finished.

- Colic Drops: Make sure you always have some ready, depending on how often you need to use them.

- Infant Paracetamol: Have some in your medicine cabinet and replace when finished.

- Infant Saline Nose Drops: Very useful but not an emergency item, so just make sure to replace when necessary.

- Infant Probiotics: Also not an emergency item but don't forget to replace when finished. Good quality probiotics can be quite expensive but the overall health benefit for your baby is really worth the price.

- Rescue Remedy: Always have a little ready for those moments when you and/or baby have had enough and need something extra to cope with the stress.

- Baby Sunscreen: Since you are not really supposed to expose your newborn baby to the sun this should be a "just-in-case" item. Do have some ready but try to avoid having to use it. Stored properly it should last for at least a year, so you can safely keep it for later use.

- Insect Repellant: Replace as necessary. I would rather use a mosquito net whenever possible. Personally I just keep a small container in the diaper bag for when the mosquito net is not available.

- Teething Gel: Since teething problems normally start at night, it's good to make sure you always have a little ready for when needed.

- Antiseptic Ointment: Also probably only for later on when your baby is older, but keeping a tube can't do any harm and it lasts quite long (see expiry date).

- Mom's Vitamins and Supplements: Replace immediately when finished, otherwise you might forget and not stay in the routine of taking them. Moms really need the extra help, don't neglect yourself!

- Arnica Oil: If you breastfeed, this is excellent for massaging out lumps and blockages, as well as painfully engorged breasts. A little goes a long way so you will probably need no more than one bottle. Arnica is also great for treating local swelling and pain a few hours after a vaccination, and helps to treat bruises and sore muscles for the whole family.

You may choose to leave out some of these items and add some others. Do this by using the printable version of the Newborn Baby Shopping List and customizing your own baby shopping list as you prefer. Before you go shopping just have a quick look at the baby shopping list and you won't be caught without some really important baby stuff at a very inconvenient time - like the middle of the night.

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