Newborn Baby Preparations
Checklist: Sort out the Last-Minute Tasks

Use this checklist to help you get all your Newborn Baby Preparations done in time. With all the excitement of the oncoming birth, there are some last-minute preparations that can easily be forgotten. Some of them are really important, like booking your hospital bed, but others are more a matter of convenience that will make your life easier.

Be sure to spend some time on this checklist well before your due date so you can make good decisions and do some rational planning. You may even want to set target dates for each task so you don't end up with only one week left to do everything. Also keep in mind that some tasks (like painting a nursery or organizing cupboards) may become more difficult the more pregnant you are!

For the printable version of this checklist go to Step 2: Preparing for Baby.

The Newborn Baby Preparations List:


- Finish outstanding work on nursery

- Consider emotional preparations for the birth and adapting to life with your new baby (yourself and your family)

- Pack hospital bags (well ahead of your due date)

- Wash and unpack baby's clothes

- Make transport arrangements for when you go into labour

- Make arrangements for dependents during the delivery and your hospital stay

- Confirm your hospital booking

- Check payment arrangements for the delivery and hospital stay

- Stock up on food and other supplies at home

Other Preparations

You may want to add a few items (customized to your own needs) here, for instance:

- Go for that haircut/wax/pedicure you still wanted before becoming a mother

- Prepare some frozen meals for your family

- Collect and save some good, easy recipes for when you won't have much time to cook when your new baby is home

- Prepare a list of contact information of everyone you would like to notify of the birth, or better yet, organize with someone close to you to take care of the announcements

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