Baby Health Information:
How is your baby doing?

As you certainly know, Baby Health is a serious matter, but not very straighforward. To have a healthy baby is an indescribable blessing, and you should do your very best to keep it that way. If you are battling with your little one's health the following information will hopefully give you an idea of when to get help and where to find it.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The advice on this page is only meant to point you in the right direction, it is certainly not a medical opinion or meant to diagnose any illnesses. Please consult a qualified medical professional when making decisions concerning your baby's health.

The Basics:

- Two very helpful indicators of your baby's health is basal body temperature and appetite.

- It is strongly recommended that you monitor your newborn baby's weight, length and head circumference regularly for the first few months at least

- A high fever can be very dangerous for a newborn so be sure to consult a doctor when necessary

- Newborns can easily become dangerously dehydrated due to diarrhoea and/or vomiting, so be sure to get help as soon as possible

- Read more about other newborn health problems

- Learn more about general things you can do to maintain your baby's health

Clueless Mom's Tips:

- Be safe rather than sorry when it gets to your baby's health

- Find a doctor/paediatrician that really listens to you and that you feel comfortable to trust with your baby's health

- Don't allow anyone else to intimidate you with their advice, even if you are not as experienced as they are

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