Baby Grooming and
Other Baby Care Tips

Baby Grooming is mostly pretty obvious, but a little forward planning and advice can only make things easier. There are many methods and opinions on this subject, but the basics remain the same.

The Basics:

- Grooming your baby consists mainly of bathing, skin care, hair care, umbilical cord care , nail care and keeping the ears and nose clean

- Safety is extremely important when it comes to bathing your newborn, so make sure you know about the dangers

- Although not a life-or-death issue like feeding, keeping your baby clean and neat drastically improves your baby's quality of life

- The most important thing is that you and your baby are happy with your routine, and he/she is healthy and comfortable

Clueless Mom's Tips:

- Keep your grooming routine basic and try to make it fun for both of you

- There is no need to spend a fortune on baby products

- If your baby could air her opinion it would probably be that comfort has priority over beauty at this stage of her life

- Most babies soon start to enjoy taking a bath, making this is a wonderful time for bonding, so try and involve Daddy. Also, the extra pair of hands really makes it easier for Mom

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