Your Most Important Task: Newborn Baby Feeding

Of all the things you need to do for your baby feeding is probably the most urgent issue at hand. Always be prepared, because a hungry baby is not a happy baby...

The Basics:


Breastfeeding is best for your baby

- Also be prepared for bottle feeding just in case

- Resist the urge to feed your baby solid food before 5-6 months

- You need to decide on a feeding schedule for your baby

- Make sure you know how to burp your baby after each feeding

Clueless Mom's Tips:

- You will spend a lot of time feeding your baby, so do everything in your power to make it comfortable for both of you

- Always be prepared for your baby's next feeding well ahead of the time, no matter how tired you are

- Don't be too freaked out by your baby's changing apetite as long as your baby is healty otherwise and shows normal growth and weight gain

- Don't hesitate to ask someone knowledgable and trustworthy for help or advice if you are concerned about your or your baby's health

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