Baby Comfort: How to help baby
feel good and be content

For a newborn baby comfort is a big issue after living in the perfect environment for months. By focusing on your baby's comfort you will eliminate a very common source of baby niggles. This is where the small stuff comes in, things you may never have thought of but that may be driving your baby nuts!

The Basics:

- Remember that newborn babies have sharp senses and are used to the perfectly comfortable womb environment they had to leave behind

- Ensure that your baby's clothes and nappy are fitting comfortably and not scratching or hurting him

- Check your baby's immediate environment for sources of discomfort

- Keep an eye on ambient temperature because newborns are not good at regulating their own body temperature yet

- Minor health problems may not be serious, but may cause enough discomfort for your baby to become niggly

Clueless Mom's Tips:

- Before you start fiddling too much with a baby's clothes and environment check that you've covered the other basics (feeding, sleep and nappy)

- Before losing your patience, think about what baby was used to in the womb and imagine the shock of being removed from there

- Put yourself in baby's shoes (I mean booties :)) and realise that he can do almost nothing for himself to be more comfortable, it is all up to you to soften the shock after birth

- Your newborn was perfectly happy in your womb for months and really wants to be close to you right now, which will make him feel safe and comfortable

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