Does Your Newborn Baby Make You
Feel Like a Dummy?

Do you often look at another mom with a newborn baby thinking:

"Now why can't I be like that!" or
"But why on earth didn't I think of that?" and
"Why does she know all those things while I'm clueless?"

If that sounds like you, Welcome to the Clueless Mom's Newborn Baby Action Plan!

Also, if you are about to become a new mom and you have reason to think you may end up clueless, why not be pro-active and set up a proper plan of action before things get a little crazy?

And last, but not least, if you are an ex-Clueless Mom, please join us! This website is where you can share your stories, tips and the little things that made you see the light.

After all, motherhood should be a joyous and special time...

...but nobody ever said that it's supposed to be easy!

So stop staring at the efficient mom across the street herding 2 toddlers, a truckload of groceries and a newborn along the way while looking absolutely gorgeous. Focus on what you need to do at this moment, and before you know it someone might be staring at you, thinking:

"How does she do it, she looks so happy and relaxed!".

Simply follow the link to the Action Plan. No need to go anywhere else, the Action Plan will take you through all the topics thoroughly without wasting your time. Use the Baby Care diagram and tools, printouts and lists, and do whatever you need to make your life easier.

And later, when things are getting better and you find yourself ready, you can explore the rest of the site for interesting information on babies and baby care, blogs, readers' stories and more. With the chaos mostly under control, you need to start getting your life back. It is essential for your own wellbeing, and therefore also that of your newborn baby and the rest of your family!

PS: Don't miss the opportunity to share your experience, advice or thoughts on the Your Story page!

Newborn Baby Care Action Plan
The basics for newborn baby care can be summarized using a simple diagram. By considering a list of care issues and asking the right questions at the right time, you are well on your way to success.
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Diaper Change Time
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Baby Comfort
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Baby Grooming 101
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Baby Health Information
Important Newborn Baby Health Information: Learn how to keep your baby in good shape, what is normal and when to get the doctor's help.
Importance of Mother's Health
A Mother's Health is very important when taking care of a newborn baby. Take good care of yourself and prevent unnecessary setbacks.
Protect and Love Baby
Above all make time to show how much you love baby and protect your little one from any danger.
Newborn Baby Checklist
The Newborn Baby Checklist lists all the basic needs for mother and baby, showing you what is essential and which items are the nice-to-haves
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